Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Arrivals!


Next Life Will Be Kinder. Howard Norman. 

Lovers at the Chameleon Club Paris 1932. Francine Prose

The Word Exchange. Alena Graedon. 

The UnAmericans. Molly Antopol. Short Stories

The Circle. Dave Eggers 


Cycle of Lies: the fall of Lance Armstrong. Juliet Macur

Flash Boys. Michael lewis

Outwitting Squirrels.  Bill Adler

Snowshoe Routes New England. Diane Bair & Pamela Wright 

Killer on the Road: violence and the American Interstate. Ginger Strand


The Madwoman in the Volvo: my year of raging hormones. Sandra Tsing Loh

Out with It: how stuttering helped me find my voice. Katherine Preston

Secrets and Lies: surviving the truths that change our lives. Jane Isay

My Foreign Cities. Elizabeth Scarboro

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