Vermont and New England Authors

Dreams of the Presidents: from George Washington to George W. Bush, Charles Barasch

Aging Gracefully: Poems, Robert Barasch

Forty-Six Years of Pretty Straight Going: The Life of a Family Dairy Farm,  George Bellerose

Loyalty: New and Selected Poems, Henry Braun

The Sky Blew Blue,   Cora Brooks

The Chain Saw Dance,   David Budbill

Buffalo Soldier, Chris Bohjalian
Midwives,    Chris Bohjalian
Trans-sister Radio, Chris Bohjalian
Before You Know Kindness, Chris Bohjalian
The Double Bind.  Chris Bohjalian

Kingdom Come: The Fiction of Howard Frank Mosher,   Wayne F. Burke

Cross-Country: More Poems,   Ruth W. Camp

The Spirits Need to Eat,  Francette Cerulli

Parcel 141Kate Chatot

Vermont Seasonings: Reflections on the Rhythms of a Vermont Year,   Steve Delaney

Freedom through Frugality, Jane Dwinell

An Explorer's Guide to Vermont,  Christine Tree & Diane Foulds

The Road not Taken and other Poems, Robert Frost

Verses of Vermont,   Bob Gokey

American Photobooth, Nakki Goranin

Hoops; Poems, Major Jackson

Strong Is Your Hold, Galway Kinnell

A New Selected Poems, Galway Kinnell 

Shoveler on the Roof,   Phyllis Larrabee

The Second Mouse, Archer Mayor

The Spanish Prisoner and  The Winslow Boy, David Mamet

The VillageDavid Mamet

Nothing Hardly Ever Happens in Colbyville, VT,   Peter Miller

The Little Disturbances of Man, Grace Paley

Later that Same Day, Grace Paley

Promised Land: Thirteen Books that Changed AmericaJay Parini

Halfway to Silence: New Poems, May Sarton

A Long Road Home: Patriotic Poetry, a Veterans Tribute, Julie Ann Schafer & Munroe Chapin

As When, in Season, Jim Schley

The Lamoille Stories,   Bill Schubart

Recital, Samn Stockwell

The Hand that Waves Goodbye, Susan Thomas

Not too Awful Bad: A Storyteller's Guide to Vermont,   Leon Thompson

What Kind, Martha Zweig

Vinegar Bone, Martha Zweig

Monkey Lightening, Martha Zweig

Powers, Martha Zweig