Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday May 17th ::  9am  to 3pm   HAM RADIO OPEN HOUSE

(L-R) David Hale, Loona Brogan, David Ferland
Enter the exciting world of Amateur Radio, a two-way shortwave radio service and hobby that takes you around the world and around town, too.

Discover how you can help provide communication services in safety and emergency conditions. Hams are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Two local ham radio operators, David Ferland and David Hale, will set up a real amateur radio station in the library, and workshop participants will have an opportunity to operate the station live on the air. The many facets of amateur radio attract practitioners with a wide range of interests. Many amateurs begin with a fascination of radio communication and then combine other personal interests to make pursuit of the hobby rewarding. Some of the focal areas amateurs pursue include public service and safety communicationsradio contestingradio propagation study, technical experimentation, and computer networkingThere will be information about local and regional ham clubs and organizations, licensing, and getting started.

Bring the kids and bring your friends!! 
Old-fashioned hands on radio for a new century!
Call the library 472-5710
or call Merry at 456-1630

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