Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did You Know......?

Woodbury Community Library, located on Valley Lake Road in Woodbury VT, is a treasure trove of best sellers, fiction, large print books, romance, mysteries, historical fiction, books on and about Vermont & local writers & poets. We've got the Master Gardener Library, poetry, short stories, biographies, graphic novels, VHS & DVD movies & audio books, sports, health & fitness, child care, cooking, tai-chi, yoga & meditation, humor, crafts, fine arts, trades & construction, visual arts, music, career resources, science & mathematics, philosophy, history, biographies, and more.

The WCL library book sale offers everything from The Hardy Boys and Harry Potter, Nicolas Sparks & Janet Evanovich, to the history of ship building to the traditions of romantic morality (I kid you not).

Woodbury it seems, likes to READ!

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